The best make up for these carnivals

Makeup is one of the most important elements of a costume

So much that even if you go out dressed in totally casual clothes, if you decorate your face with glitter, some strokes of color and a good wig will flood your carnival spirit. Today we want to show you some easy and fun proposals so that you can celebrate these holidays. Leave your sorrows at home and go out to the street to enjoy because as Celia Cruz said ... Life is a Carnival!

In Carnival, more is much more

This is the only time of the year when going recharged is allowed. The ostentatious is not an option but an obligation and the more is more necessary for successful Carnivals. If the brilli-brilli and the glitter already begin to take more and more in the common makeup, imagine during these dates. This is the perfect proposal to give the special touch to any outfit. Do not skimp on light or color!

The star of Carnival

We love the idea of ​​adding decorative elements to our makeup and, if they are stars much better. If you are not too good at applying makeup but still want to bet on something eye-catching, this is your option. The key is to choose bright stars of various sizes and add them to a simple makeup like you would do on an ordinary day.

Glitter on the lips

It's one of the trends we like most this year: Glitter lipsticks! Dare with any color and the more striking the better. It is a perfect option to give light to any costume and also combines great wig with the same color as your mouth.

100% neon

Another trend that jumps from the catwalks to the carnival streets! Neon colors are fashionable this spring / summer in clothes and accessories. But they are also a source of inspiration for the most striking makeups. Ideal for costumes full of color in which boredom has no place.